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Drive Into The Past

Drive Into The Past

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The SOLIHULL’S Limited Edition Book, a captivating collection that takes you on a thrilling journey through the history and allure of this iconic vehicle. With over 290 pages, this book is a must-have for all Range Rover enthusiasts and automotive connoisseurs.

Delve into the rich heritage of the Range Rover Classic as you explore its roots and evolution. Discover the remarkable stories year by year behind its inception, from the groundbreaking innovations to the design influences that shaped its iconic silhouette. Immerse yourself in a treasure trove of knowledge as you learn about the technological advancements that continue to make the Land & Range Rover Classic a true work of art in the automotive industry.

One of the highlights of this Limited Edition Book is a detailed exploration of the most popular colors (with codes) that have graced the Land & Range Rover Classic throughout the years. From classic hues like British Racing Green to vibrant and contemporary tones like Portofino Red, each color choice brings a unique personality to the vehicle, reflecting the style and preferences of its proud owners.

Whether you're a dedicated enthusiast, a passionate collector, or simply someone who appreciates the allure of this legendary vehicle, this book is a true testament to the Land & Range Rover Classic's timeless appeal and enduring legacy. Printed on high quality 150gsm paper. Size (28x28cm)

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