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Solihull’s Classics

1976 Masai Red - # 45

1976 Masai Red - # 45

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This is an amazing example of a Range Rover Classic in perfect condition as it is the standard at Solihull’s. This car has had a very detailed restoration. The Land Rover’s Masai Red LRC378. Traditionally a classic color used on the Range Rover Classic roughly between 1970 – 1985. It is a thrill to drive and an experience of its own. We have kept it in its original state inside and out! Our cars, are kept and maintained with time and investment spent for perfection. The engine and the gears are smooth and original spec suspensions are placed. The body and chassis are totally straight. Our Range Rovers are free of rust! The exterior of every vehicle we have is kept original as much as possible. Any part that needed to be changed, was changed with original parts in order to look as it did when it rolled out of production line. The interior has been preserved to the best possible state. All our vehicles that are unrestored are kept 100% original. Vehicles that have been restored, they were restored with only original Range Rover parts. We are proud of what we have done in preserving our cars as much as possible. The love and passion we have for those cars, keep us maintaining them to the smallest detail.

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