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We are proud of what we have achieved, from our reputation and helping you live history once more. From Asia to the rest of the world. We keep our relationship with our customers forever. We have many adventures ahead of us. The journey never ends.

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Since 1975, just after my graduation I always wanted to own a Range Rover Classic. At that time prices were high for a new graduate. As I grew up, I decided to save money for that perfect classic. I heard about your collection from a friend here in NY. I was told that there is a private collection owned by a Range Rover Classic Collector. When I heard your vehicles were available for sale, I couldn’t resist but contact you guys. I got a 1976 Bahama Gold in mint condition from you guys back in 2017. I was told that the collection will become "Solihull's". I wish you guys all the best! I can’t wait to join and participate in your adventures. As you guys said it is a lifestyle I can’t get enough of! Thanks again guys, and now Solihull's!

- Skyler Adelson

Reviews from our previous customers..

A very smooth experience! I love my Range Rover Classic!

Skyler Adelson

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Life is a story as you know, but the story of your Range Rover Classic in your life will have a book of its own. Share your story with us.

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