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DISCLAIMER: This site and all advertising information may be updated without notice whenever new information is obtained and may contain mistakes and inaccuracies. Information is provided to the best of our knowledge and that of the vehicles, and we make no warranty or representation regarding the accuracy, truth, or reliability of such information. We cannot be responsible for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies contained in information provided by any third party. Solihull's is not an expert in the construction, engineering, finishes, materials, and componentry of every single vehicle we sell. It is the responsibility of the buyer to either inspect the vehicle personally or via a 3rd party, to ensure satisfaction to the condition and value, prior to purchase. Solihull's strives to perform extensive visual inspections on all vehicles we provide, but we do not disassemble vehicles or components for inspection purposes and therefore it is always possible that there is hidden damage that is not readily apparent. All vehicles are sold AS-IS with no warranties expressed or implied.

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Solihull’s is responsible for delivering the car to the shipping company of its choosing, as stated to the buyer. In case of loss or damage, Solihull’s is not responsible after handing the car to the shipping company. Solihull’s is also not responsible for any delay of the cargo shipment. After signing the contract, we at Solihull’s need up to 10 days for further inspection and buyer’s satisfaction before handing the car over to the shipping company. All vehicles sold by Solihull’s are sold as they are and as mentioned to the buyer. If payment of the contract has not been paid 5 days after the date of signing between Solihull’s and buyer, this contract will no longer be valid. The buyer will be informed by the buyer’s contact information given to us. After the contract is signed and payment is received, no refunds will be accepted by Solihull’s.

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