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We at Solihull's are proud to announce that we have opened a new line of our Special Editions. Each of our Special Editions will be a one of one made. They are very unique and made with great care in keeping everything familiar and stock. At the same time we make sure no Range Rover Classic out there will even come close to the amount of detail that went into it. A luxury that will never be forgotten or matched.


Windsor Edition - P.O.R

 Stock No. W01

This is an amazing example of a Range Rover Classic in perfect condition as it is the standard at Solihull’s. Land Rover Masai Red LRC378. Traditionally a classic color used on the Range Rover Classic roughly between 1970 – 1985, and the last of the Land Rover Series plus early 90s and 110s. It is a thrill to drive and an experience of its own. We have kept it in its original state inside and out! The car features a 3.5-litre V8 petrol engine, which uses Zenith Stromberg carburettors to produce 132bhp at 5000rpm and 186lb ft of torque at 2500rpm. Drive is sent to all four wheels through a four-speed manual transmission with a lockable central differential. The car’s technical specifications are exactly as they were when it left the factory.


1976 Windsor Edition

VIN - 35828973D

3.5 Original Engine

4-Speed Manual

Beige Interior

Air Condition


Radio / Cassette